ARME Mini Revival Weekends

Announcing Upcoming Mini-ARME Events*


For more details on how to host your own Mini-ARME, or if you have your own Mini-ARME event that you’d like to announce, please contact Nicky Duncan at: Phone: (317) 603-7755

A Testimony from the first Mini-ARME in Indiana

“Mini-ARME in Ft. Wayne Indiana was sooo much more than I could ever have imagined it would be!!! It felt like we were actually at ARME! The young people that planned this weekend were absolutely over the top. Friday evening started at 7pm with the welcome, sacred song service, introductions, explanations of ARME, etc. etc. (Approximately 60 people were there!) They even included, “I’m in the Lord’s ARME,” as the theme song ALL weekend. The sermons (patterned after ARME), and the partial night of united prayer (which the church totally LOVED) were all so powerful!! They also did a great job with the “Mock Trial” and I think it was a real eye-opener for the church! After a powerful Blueprint message Sabbath afternoon (which would have given Pastor Myers good competition), we had testimony time. The Mini-ARME team went up first sharing their experience from ARME Bible Camp Trafalgar, and how they were revived. They shared how they thought they had a prayer life prior to ARME but realized during ARME they did not. They were humble, transparent, genuine, heartwarming, and the Lord touched people’s hearts through their words. All I can say is “I’ve been revived!!!” For anyone that longs for spiritual food, for deep pour-your-heart-out prayer, for a re-connection to Christ, for revival, for strength to overcome, for encouragement and HOPE, you need to attend ARME. But if you can’t attend the full-deal, try attending (or hosting) a Mini-ARME event. So many were encouraged to take up the standard again and push forward.  They found repentance, brokenness, acceptance, unity, reconciliation and healing. We are all so inspired and can’t wait for the next one!” ~ Teri S.

Download PDF for directions on how to host your own Mini-ARME at your church!

*These are local church events being organized by local teams of people that have been to ARME, been impacted by ARME, and are now seeking to bring this experience to their local communities. They may or may not include official ARME team members. ARME is not responsible for these events, but we do endorse and encourage them!



  1. 05/09/2013  07:54 by Leanne Lengerich Reply

    Don't forget Mini ARME Worland Wyoming May 24-26 :) Praise God! 5 Camps...

  2. 08/01/2013  10:04 by Angela James Reply

    I would like ARME to come to my church. I need to know if the facilitator comes with the program or the host church will have to get volunteer. I am the youth leader @ my church and have never had the opportunity to see the message in its entirety. I know my church will be bless by this. I need more info about the detail how this will be executed so I can present it to the church. I can be reached @ or 919-526-9224/ 2951 Millbrook woods Dr. #304, Raleigh, NC. 27604. Thank you.

    • 08/16/2013  11:36 by Melody Reply

      Please e-mail us and we will respond.

  3. 09/18/2013  22:54 by Joe Reply

    Are there any registration fees for these events or is it a get there, find your own lodging, and be revived! during the event type of thing?

    • 09/22/2013  12:33 by Melody Reply

      Mini-Revival events are usually done for the local churches. So no registration fees or charges, but if you come in from out of town, you would be responsible for your own accommodations etc. However, if you have questions on a local event, please contact Nicky to see if she has suggestions.

  4. 03/28/2014  22:03 by Jose L. Gonzales Reply

    will there be a ARME Mini Revival Weekend any time soon in Spanish and how could a Pastor become involved?

    • 03/31/2014  15:20 by Melody Reply

      Mini Revival weekends are hosted by lay members who are passionate about getting their fellow church members excited about Bible study. As soon as someone in Spanish decides to host one, they are free to do so. We can give pointers and we love it when pastors get involved. E-mail us about this.

  5. 03/31/2014  16:12 by Jose L. Gonzales Reply

    Thank you so very much, I have not been to a mini revival but have watched and purchased the DVD the Blue Print. At this point I would like to have any information on how to put on a mini revival for my Spanish speaking Congregation and possible volunteer myself to other Hispanic Churches in the Colorado area. Do you have training session or is it by participating a Mini Revival weekend? I am bilingual with English as my first language and currently pastor a Hispanic Church.

  6. 07/06/2014  07:24 by Kevin Reply

    The mini-Arme PDF guide link seems to be down or something. Dropbox is no longer providing it. Unless I'm just having issues with Dropbox...

    • 10/28/2014  12:29 by Juliette Reply

      Yes, I'm having the same issue. It says the Dropbox link for the guide PDF is disabled and must be resent. Please is it possible to have it? Thanks.

      • 11/13/2014  17:05 by Melody Reply

        We are working to remedy this with drop-box!

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