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The Basic Training and Deployment Plan

Have you been blessed and inspired by your time at one of our ARME Bible Camp’s and NOW you want to know how to take ARME back to your home and church???? Well…it’s time for Basic Training and Deployment.

Here at your fingertips lies a practical plan for you to take this inspiration home. And as you take it home, you can become part of the formation of a larger ARME…an ARME that will, through God’s blessing and Holy Spirit, win thousands for Christ.

“They moved in exact order, like a company of soldiers.” CET 176

The ARME Unit (a.k.a. “A-Unit”) is a concept designed to activate the laity of the Remnant church in a very real and practical manner…like the formation of a real ARMY! Unlike other small groups, the A-Unit is focused not only on meeting together to fellowship and study, but also to pray, to plan and to execute tactical strategies of outreach on a local and ultimately global level – when joining forces with other A-Units across the nation.

Each new “A-Unit” will be a group of 3-8 people whose main goal and function is to serve as an aggressive evangelism unit. The unit meets together on a regular basis to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, to learn how to more effectively study the Bible (that is, to ARM themselves) and to plan exploits (outreach) for that particular unit. By creating these small evangelism units, each member of the church who becomes a member of a unit is effecting a grassroots reformation. In essence, it is a reformation of the people in the pews. With a unit leader at the head of each unit, each church now has an ARME ready to assist the Pastor of the church in the work of soul winning.

Once you have pulled together your first A-Unit team, YOU CAN THEN REGISTER your A-Unit on our website to officially become part of our global ARME network.


If the Lord could use 12 disciples, what could He do with a whole ARME of soldiers completely consecrated to Him? If we all work together, and we press together, and we go forward with His armor and in His strength…just imagine what He will do! The Latter Rain will fall… Pentecost will be repeated. The work will be finished, and Jesus will come back to take us home!!

To READ MORE DETAILS and get ideas about how to get your church, your family, and your friends involved, click on the following:


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