ARME’s Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the BREATH of Revival!

Why is “United Prayer” So Important?

“A revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs. To seek this should be our first work. There must be earnest effort to obtain the blessing of the Lord, not because God is not willing to bestow His blessing upon us, but because we are unprepared to receive it. It is our work, by confession, humiliation, repentance, and earnest prayer to fulfill the conditions upon which God has promised to grant us His blessing. A revival need be expected only in answer to prayer.” Last Day Events, Chap 13

“We are encouraged to pray for success, with the divine assurance that our prayers will be answered. The promise of Matthew 18:19-20 is made on the condition that the united prayers of the church are offered, and in answer to these prayers, there may be expected a power greater than that which comes in answer to private prayer. The power given will be proportionate to the unity of the members and their love for God and for one another.” 9th Manuscript Releases, p. 303 (Letter 32, 1903, p.5)

The Goal Behind ARME’s Prayer Ministry

ARME’s United Prayer Ministry was established with the purpose to help inspire God’s people to pray,and not just to pray, but to pray together.

Based on examples throughout the Bible, what we encourage in “United Prayer” is very simple, and basic. It revolves around the pattern of praise-confession-supplication and thanksgiving that is modeled all throughout Scripture. To learn more, read our newest edition of Praying for Rain: A Mini-Handbook for United Prayer

Unfortunately, with every true revival of God, there is usually a counterfeit. While there is a true, biblical, Christ-centered method of prayer (and there is much instruction thru the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy on how to know what is true), there are also other forms of prayer being practiced in our world and church today that do not lead to God, but rather to self. These are counterfeits. ARME does not promote any of these non-biblical forms of prayer such as: contemplative prayer, centering prayer, repetitive prayer, or any other methods of prayer stemming from the Spiritual Formations movement that have their roots in mysticism and the occult. We base what we do on the Word of God and the clear word of Prophecy.

NOTE: If you have more questions regarding United Prayer, please read the document titled “Understanding the Heart of United Prayer” by clicking here.

While Bible study is the central theme of ARME Bible Camp, it is united prayer that has given our training effectiveness and power.

ARME has lead prayer teams worldwide as well as worked with Andrews University, Weimar College, Amazing Facts, GYC, numerous YC events, ASI (both national and international meetings), camp meetings, Union events, official Division meetings and conferences, as well as many individual churches and congregations. We’ve also been invited, for five years in a row, to partner with the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist during their yearly Annual Council meetings in Maryland.

God has been doing a great work, and we believe that His desire is to bring His church into greater unity so that He can finish the work and pour out the Latter Rain upon us in rich measure!

We invite you to join us in united prayer* and in praying for the gift of the Latter Rain. As He promised, it will surely come!

“Ask ye of the Lord Rain in the time of the latter rain; so the Lord shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field.” Zechariah 10:1

*Note: If you’d like more information about how to start a united prayer group, or if you’d just like some inspirational reading, please download Praying for Rain: A Mini-Handbook for United Prayer. Enjoy and share freely!


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